Friday, July 6, 2012

"Did you miss me?"-love, Basil

So sorry for the herb hiatus. She's back-Basil, that is. Since you last saw her (about 6 hours ago via this blog) she has really begun to flourish. Six hours of sunlight per day and lots of water, that's it. I've really come to enjoy taking care of our back garden, but especially the herbs (if I haven't mentioned that already). Watching them grow from small seedlings to full plants has been so fun! And even more fun to cook with them for other people. Tonight, I took Basil to a whole new level-pesto. We now have a small jar of it in our fridge and next time I'll go easier on the garlic-whoops. Coming soon...a blog post on my "herb inspired" pinterest boards.

For those who are over the herbs...

Sarah and I had a garden party. We have a small garden and an alley perfect for cornhole and wanted to have people over, despite the fact that it's hot as heck. We had pie and lemonade and other cold drinks and had a lovely time...before the storm rolled in. So for those who were thinking, "if i have to look at that picture of Lindsey's basil, one more time..." well, here you go. Pictures, courtesy of my Wedding Photographer roommate, Sarah :).

The landlord, his wife and kids :).
We love pie.
The face behind the camera.