Saturday, July 16, 2011

California Highlights

A few posts below of my time in California. Seeing Anna was wonderful. Getting a glimpse into her every day was so sweet-loved visiting her church and community group, going to the dog park with she and Dexter, and driving around her new city. I'm so thankful for the time.
Seeing Ally was an unexpected blessing. We were roommates in Turkey back in 2006 and have seen each other twice since then. It was so sweet to see her and connect after so many years.

Many attempts at the perfect picture.
Chick-fil-a for lunch.
Ally w/ some of her art.


Venice Beach.
Well, it's been about a month since my trip to LA, but I figured I was due for a post. Enjoy!

Venice Beach: Quite the freak show.

Me and the Bestie
I had just pulled a nail out of this guy's nostril. So weird.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Friends

These girls are treasures (A, not pictured). They are one of the many blessings of my new job since they office out of the same building (more on the new job soon!).

All Things Fancy

This morning, I had the priviledge of hosting a brunch for my former co-worker who is soon to be wed. I don't consider myself very "fancy" or even anything close to "proper", but what southern lady doesn't enjoy getting out the fine china and crystal from time to time? Forks on the left and napkin in my lap, right? :).
L, we missed you! Oh, and I drank your water.
The "bride to be" in her new apron.
J, E, E's cousin J and me, the blogger. I've noticed people noting initials on blogs recently, instead of full names. Trying to protect the identities of my friends on my really ambiguously named blog. ha.
Roommates' grandmother gives china. Roommates love china and use for special occasions as seen here.